These general terms of sale have for object the purchase of products carried out at a distance through net data transmission on the site www.calzaveste.it, pertaining to a Tealdi Chiara Francesca. with registered office in Piazza Giuseppe Maglione 10 in Diano Marina (IM), enrolled to the Chamber of Commerce of Imperia (REA IM/237753, n. enrolled CCIAA 01785950088), P.I. 01785950088. Every operation of purchase will be regulated from the dispositions of which to D.Lgs 206/2005 and, as far as it concerns the protection of the privacy, will be subordinate to the norm of which to low D.L 196/03. Calzaveste commercializes the products present on the Site and does not produce them.The indications of the materials and of composition of the tissues are those indicated from the Producer. Calzaveste is not responsible of eventual information erroneously supplied from the Company manufacturer.


Customer, with the net transmission of the confirmation of his order, accepts unconditionally and it is obligated to respect in its relationships with Calzaveste, following general terms and of payment, declaring to have taken vision and accepted all the supplied indications, like reported from the norms specified over, knowing that Calzaveste does not think itself bound to various conditions if not preventively agreed for written. Calzaveste considers definitively concluded the contract at the moment the order is confirmed.


These Terms of Sale must be examined on line from the Customers of the site Calzaveste before the confirmation of the purchase.The submission of the confirmation of the order implies the total acquaintance of the Terms of Sale and the total acceptance of these. The Customer is obliged, when the on line purchase procedure is concluded, to print and to conserve these Terms of Sale, already inspected and accepted during the purchase procedure, to the aim to satisfy entire the condition of D.Lgs 206/2005.


Calzaveste is a Web Site of sale of footwear and accessories.The purchase of the products, available as they are illustrated and described on line in the relative detailed cards, is carried out from the Customer to the indicated price, increased of eventual transport charges, like specified of continuation and, where provided, expenses to embed. The products are represented to Customer on the Site in accurate way and that corresponds to the really possessed characteristics. Calzaveste, in any case, is not responsible to the exact correspondence to the truth in relation to the images and the colors that appear on the monitor of the Customer, if the difference depends from the monitor. Before the confirmation of the order, will come reassumed the cost of every chosen product, the total cost in purchase case of more products, transport charges, the eventual reversal of the value added tax (VAT), in case of sales to Foreign Countries. Confirming the order, to the aim to complete the contract, the Customer will receive an e-mail message containing the Number and the Date of the order.


The prices indicate to Customer on the Site include VAT tax and are valid for all order that come from Italy and EU. The prices can vary for eventual promotions.The valid price to the aim of the contract is that visible one at the moment of the order.


The perfected intent order by means of "point and click" (pressure of the key "confirmation" and/or "accept").If the order is correctly compiled the Customer will receive the e-mail of confirmation containing the number of the order.In contrary case, it is necessary to repeat the purchase procedure.With the confirmation of the order, Calzaveste is engaged to supply the Customer the products according to the previewed rules and conditions of these general Terms of Sale.
Councils for the purchases:
• The Customer must control to have inserted correctly its personal information: it is important that the indicated address is easy findable from the Courier.
• Courier delivers from the Monday to Friday in office time, cannot fix appointments. In case of absence of the Customer the Courier will leave the package at the Parcel Shop.
• If the Customer thinks not to be able to be present at the moment of the delivery, it must prefer the address of the workplace, if possible.
• The Customer must control to have correctly written its telephone number and its address of email: if there were problems with the satisfaction of the order or the delivery, is important that Calzaveste can trace the Customer for being able to agree eventual variations.
• In the days that come after the order, the Customer must control its e-mail: Calzaveste could send communications inherent to the order.
• Our Couriers offer a flexible and personalized delivery service. Through a link sent by the Courier via email, the customer can access to a management area, selecting a new delivery date or the choice of a pick-up point (Parcel Shop).
Upon delivery the Receiver must check the parcel: the parcel, including the taping, must be intact.The Receiver must notify the Courier of any damage to parcel, writing a note on the document of transportation, such as received subject to verification of the content.The Customer will report immediately the damage by e-mail to info@calzaveste.it.


The payment of the products acquires and relative shipping charges must be carried out from the Customer in the moment of the order confirmation by means of Payment Bank Transfer, or one of the Credit Cards available and indicated on line.
Accepted payments:
Payment Bank Transfer, indicating the reference number of the order, at the Bank code that Calzaveste will give to the Cutomer by an email.

Secur Payment by Paypal. See the website: www.paypal.com to have more informations.

Payment by credit cards. Pay safety with your card with Stripe.


Foreign countries:
• The shipping charges changes according to the weight, the volume and the Country of destination: before the confirmation of the order, shipping charges will be visualized.
• Incidental customs tariffs are charged to Customer.

  • Shipments are made via Express Courier for Europe.
  • The cost of shipping costs varies for each Country and is displayed when ordering. Shipments to European countries are calculated based on weight, volume of the parcel and destination.
  • Any customs charges are charged to the customer. Any surcharge or additional cost, requested by the Courier for EU Country, are responsibility of the Customer. We will write an email to inform the Customer of the amount of additional fees, before shipping the order.
  • To find out the delivery times of Express Courier, please send an email to info@calzaveste.it, specifying the country of destination.


The orders come satisfied (delivery of the goods to the Courier) after the control from part of Calzaveste of the exactitude of the personal information and the deliveries supplied from the Customer:
• In case of payment through Paypal: within two work days (from Monday to Friday) after the reception of the payment.
• In case of Bank Transfer, within two work days (from Monday to Friday) after the reception of our Bank notice that payment occured.
• In case of online Bank Transfer, within two work days after the reception of our Bank notice that payment occured.
If the order could not be satisfied in the terms it indicates, the Customer will come immediately informed through email where we'll ask the order confirmation. In this case the order will be confirmed only after the positive answer to mail above mentioned as customer acceptance of date delivery. Separated shipments are not carried out: in order case more product, of which one or more of they is not at the moment available in store, the order will come satisfied in an only solution, at the moment of the total availability of articles demands. If the Customer wishes to receive endured the goods available, and to send back the delivery of the products not available to a successive moment, it will have to opt for a double order. In case of promotion "free shipment" (only in Italy) is active, the orders will be right of this if they will catch up singularly the established minimal amount.The products presented in the Site are all in stock. However, the Customer takes note of the remote possibility that, when Calzaveste send the order to us, at that moment some items could be not available or sold out. In this case, before the confirmation of the order by email, Calzaveste will inform the Customer by email.


The shipments are carried out through GLS or other Courier for the deliveries on the Italian Territory and for all European Countries.
• Foreign destination: the Courier for foreign Countries is GLS or other, to know the times of delivery, please send an email to info@calzaveste.it, specifying the destination Country.


The Customer will be able to demand the substitution of the product ordered with an other product of equal or advanced amount (in such case, through integration of the price) sending within and not beyond 7 work days from the reception of the goods, an email with the indication of the goods to replace. Relative expenses to the shipping carried out for the substitution or good change are ALWAYS responsibility of Customer (see "shipping costs"). The instructions to effect sales returns, will be sent by mail, in which will be indicated also the sales returns' permission code. The sales returns must reach by our seat before and no later 10 days from the receipt of order. We'll not withdrow parcels without the sales returns' permission. The Customer must return the purchased items in perfect condition: refunds cannot be issued if items show signs of wear/damage or have missing labels. Purchased goods have to be undivided and return in the original packaging, complete in all its parts, included packaging, (in every case you have to avoid the apposition of labels or scotch-tape directly on original packaging of product). If the Customer does not respect these rules, we can't accept the exchange of items.


Like indicated from D.Lgs 206/2005, the Customer can renounce to the purchase, if it is not satisfied, sending, within and not beyond 10 work days from keeping of goods, one registered letter with return receipt, or a mail, subsequently confirmed through registered letter, within 48 hours in our shop:
Tealdi Chiara Francesca, Piazza Giuseppe Maglione 10
18013 Diano Marina (IM) - ITALY
The conditions and the returns' times are the same specified in the previous point.The D.L. previews that essential condition for being able to take advantage of the recess possibility is that the goods comes given back integral, with original packaging, with the ticket or the invoice enclose to the shipping and that the cost for shipment expenses is responsibility of the Customer. Like indicated from D.Lgs 206/2005 it is specified that the recess possibility it is exclusively reserved to the Customers definable "consumers" and that is the physical persons who acquire the products for personal use and they act for scopes not connected to the professional activity eventually carried out, so with exclusion of traders and retailers. Right of recess totally delay for lacked essential condition of integrity of goods (packaging and its content) in case of Calzaveste ascertain: lack of external packaging and/or original interior packaging; lack of integral elements of products or anomalies of same products; product damaged for different causes from its transport. In case of decadence of the Right of recess, Calzaveste will provide to return at the sender the purchased goods, billing at this one the forward expenses.


If the Customer, for any reason, it wishes to give back the goods, it will have the reimbursement of the paid price for the acquired product, like indicated from the "possibility of recess". Shipment expenses, and eventual customs expenses, are responsibility of the Customer. The reimbursement will come carried out the 15 days or at the end of following month, from happened reception of the given back goods, in the following ways:
• If the payment has happened Bank Transfer, the reimbursement happens by Bank Transfer to the coordinates indicated from the Customer to clearly of the banking commission.
• If the payment has happened by Paypal, it will denand the cancellation of the transaction to responsibility of the Customer, less the operation cost.


For all that that is not clearly previewed in these general terms of sale, the Italian law that regards these arguments is applied.


The products that are acquire on the site Calzaveste are regards from D.Lgs 206/2005, that it concerns sale contracts and guarantees that they refer to the consumer goods, and for all that is not indicated in these general Terms of Sale, to the specific laws previewed from the civil code. The guarantee covers exclusively the defects of factory and the not conformity of the product. With the exception of the substitution of the defective and not consistent products, Calzaveste does not assume some responsibility for direct and indirect damages that had to derive from the improper use also of the product from part of the address. Calzaveste, before every shipment, verifies scrupulously that the items haven't defects or breakages. Calzaveste guarantees that the photos have been made the products that they will come sent in sale case therefore, the delivered products are equal to those present ones in the Site.The guarantee is personal and it will be only applied to the original purchaser, being classified to the direct Customers and not to traders, retailers, etc. The eventual defect of the products it will have to be written from the Customer within the term indicated from the law at the moment of the shipment of return of the defective product that will have preventively to be agreed with Calzaveste. Calzaveste has the possibility to verify the effective marked defect from the Customer and to only carry out the substitution after such control.The demand will come only satisfied if in the sent package behind the following documents will be present: document of purchase, number and date of order, detailed description of the defect. Expenses of restitution of the product to the sender are responsibility of the Customer. For any clarification and eventual claim Calzaveste could be contacted through e-mail to the address


Information for the persons interested to the purchase of the products of Calzaveste.
Tealdi Chiara Francesca, in quality of "holder" of the sale, guarantees the maximum confidentiality of the personal information of the Customer and the maximum previewed respect of the obligation from the law D.lgs 196/03. Like indicated from D.lgs 196/03, that indicates dispositions to "protection of the persons and other subjects regarding the treatment of the personal information", it is communicated that the personal information of the Customer they will be deals also with computer science systems and through the aid of subjects thirds party connects you to the corporate structure, exclusively for fine inherent to the execution of the contract. For relative purposes to the execution of the contract they agree, in particular, all the functions connected to the execution of the purchase order, as the management of the computer science system, the control of the payments, the management of shipments and the management of the claims. Tealdi Chiara Francesca, like holder of the treatment of the personal information of the Customer, communicates moreover, than one more wide relative information to the treatment of the Customer's information, the directory of the rights of the Customer like indicated from the article 13 of the law D.lgs. 196/03 and the directory of the name subjects from Tealdi Chiara Francesca, Responsible of the treatment of the information, are available as a result of one demanded written. In reference to the information conferred, the Customer will be able to exercise the rights indicated from art. 13 D.lgs. 196/03 (access, correction, integration, cancellation, opposition etc) addressing to the "holder" or the "responsible" of the treatment. With the writing of the "module of digital order", the Customer declares to have read of the informative present and it expresses his consent to the communication of the personal information and to the treatment of the same ones, to the ends and from the subjects it indicates, aware that without consent and in case of not correctness of the communicated information the order could not be satisfied.


• Size and measure schedules are just indicative.
• Measurements and dimensions in some products description could be approximative.
• If the Customer wants to know the shipping cost to his own Country must register on the Site. Registration is absolutely free and doesn't require any purchase.
• Any offer, discount or gratuity about products or shipments, advertised by email, newsletters and news on the home page of the site, will be active ONLY for the period indicated and under the conditions described in there.