A small guide to find the right size for you

Whether it is about shoes, clothing or accessories, comfort is not only about the model but the choice of the right size. We know very well here at Calzaveste.

This is why we have thought about this guide to help you chose the perfect size for your purchase. Find the right size for you with the help of our grid.

Choosing the right shoe size

All the sizes of our shoe shops are expressed in EU sizes, which are the most common in Italy.

However, with this grid here, you can find the right correspondence among many different measurements in the world.

In this page, we offer a special grid that shows the correspondence among all the most common international sizes so that you can understand what’s the perfect size for your feet.

These are standard sizes and in our production of 100% handmade artisanal shoes 4 passi by Calzaveste, we strictly follow them so that you can be sure you are buying the correct size for your feet and you won’t get disappointed when you wear them for the first time.

However, you will need to be careful, as every size is a standard that includes different feet lengths and it can happen that it can vary from one brand to another.

How do you measure heels?

Even the shoe height has its own standard measurements. In fact, you measure it by the heel. On Calzaveste.it heels are measured in the American way, from the highest 12 and lower.

The number is related to the heel size in centimeters. Therefore 12 refers to a shoe with a 12 cm heel, 10 means a 10 cm heel and so forth.

Even in this case, there is a standard that includes a range of sizes. We need to keep in mind a difference in height when you measure heels, due to the correct proportion with the feet size.

The lower the size, the lower the heel even if for a few millimeters. This is because of the feet inclination which needs to be kept proportionate regardless of its length.

Bags measure

Do you have a challenge in finding the perfect bag for you? Always too big, or with too long or too short a handle for your needs?

Maybe you have never paid attention to the real sizes before your purchase.

Not everybody knows that even handbags and pochettes have specific sizing methods: here below we will show you a self-explanatory image related to the bag’s dimensions, the way you will find them in Calzaveste, with an indication of height, width, and handle length.

How to measure belts

Although belts are very flexible accessories in terms of length, they still have their own standard measurement system.

In order not to incur in unpleasant surprises, it’s always a good practice to check that the size is exactly what we need.

Also, since not all the kinds of trousers and skirts have the belt loop of the same size, it’s safe to make sure that the height of the belt is compatible with the use we want to make of it.

It would be a shame to buy one of our amazing belts and then realize that it doesn’t fit with our favorite trousers! Belts length is measured in this way:

What’s the right size for your ring?

Since on Calzaveste.it you can also find a selection of jewelry and fashion accessories, we thought that you can also find useful to have a grid with various ring sizes.

All the sizes in our store are set according to the Italian scale, which implies standard numbers. To make the consultation easier in the below grid, the ring sizes are related to the lengths of the internal diameter in millimeters.

To know your own size it is sufficient to measure the diameter of your own finger and find the associated size.